Have you tried many things such as acupuncture, chiropractic, physical therapy, massage, and maybe even talk psychotherapy – to address chronic pain, which have helped somewhat, but are still looking for more relief?

Would you like to relieve pain, but also Move and Feel Better? Do you also want to feel More Emotionally at Ease, and Able to Trust Yourself in the activities that matter to you?

You’ve come to the right place!

picture4evelinebyveronica My name is Eveline Wu and I specialize in working with the mind/body connection so you can relieve pain, and learn to move and feel better! I have 25 years experience and training successfully working with clients to relieve pain. You can gain greater emotional ease, and become more comfortable in their bodies and with yourself

Using Feldenkrais Somatic Education®, I offer sessions which improve posture and mobility, and relieve pain, by accessing your brain-body capacity to form new patterns of movement through neuroplasticity, so you can learn new ways of moving and being. Sessions are in Walnut Creek, CA, about 15 minutes from Oakland/Berkeley.

From your first session, and over a series of sessions, I support you to learn to move and feel better!

I work for people who care for others and the world, and who desire to work with a practitioner who can meet their unique symptoms and challenges that are as unique their own life journeys, with same level of sensitivity and care. I respect your body process and signals as a deep part of who you are.

Curious to learn more? I invite you to read more about my services and read my testimonials. Learn how I work with you to relieve pain and gain emotional ease. Also learn about me.

Wondering how to begin? I invite you to call me at 510-780-6960 for a free phone consultation or to schedule an introductory session at my Walnut Creek, CA office.

(Certified in The Feldenkrais Method®, The Anat Baniel Method for Children®. Registered Somatic Movement Therapist(SM). Sessions address back pain, neck pain, hip pain, frozen shoulder, scoliosis; neurological conditions like Parkinson’s, MS, brain tumor; congenital movement conditions; chronic pain related to trauma, assault, childhood abuse, accidents. Sessions also can help with physiological regulation of emotional states. Please call regarding your situation.)