I am a Guild-Certified Feldenkrais Practitionersm  who has studied with leaders in my field, and I have 20 years experience and training supporting clients like you to successfully relieve pain and gain greater emotional ease.

In my work, I bring together multiple perspectives to support your both physical and emotional well-being. Through my journey, I have discovered how the deep movement transformations through Feldenkrais can hold deeper meaning for change and growth, and how the body has its own memory and wisdom.

Thus, I am committed to how, when you feel safe both physically and emotionally, deeper, more powerful transformations can take place.

My clients say my approach is gentle, professional and caring, and sometimes with a sense of humor.

I love working creatively with you at many levels to support your physical and emotional goals for ease and comfort. It thrills me to see, in the process of making small and large transformations in movement, and new neurological connections, the way I see clients like you find greater clarity, center, and wisdom in yourself, as well as skill in caring for your own well-being.

I am committed working with you in a way that respects your sensitivity and uniqueness.

There is a richer story of your body than a medical diagnosis, in the story of how you move and what has brought you to this point. It is from this place that I work with you. This has made me especially attuned to people who are unusually sensitive, or whose life journeys do not fit into a box. I am a passionate, persistent advocate for you.


In addition to being a Feldenkrais practitioner, I am a somatic psychotherapist. I hold an MA in counseling -somatic emphasis from the California Institute of Integral Studies and am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist # 105864, working with couples and individuals.

My work is influenced by extensive additional training from somatic therapies that use the mind-body connection, including (partial list)

Ann Weiser Cornell’s Inner Relationship Focusing
Sensorimotor Psychotherapy developed by Pat Ogden & Keikuni Minton
Bill Bowen’s Psychophysical Therapy
Intentional Touch for Sexual Abuse Survivors with Donna Cerio
Touch for Trauma & Early Trauma trainings with Somatic Experiencing trainer Kathy Kain.

You can also read more detail about here about my professional training and experience.

I would love to find out how I can support you. If you’re ready to chat, please call me at 510-780-6960 or contact me here.


I have a BA in sociology, graduating UC Berkeley with highest honors, and also attended Wesleyan University, where I was a social justice activist especially in Asian American issues, later working in nonprofits. 

I discovered Feldenkrais in a multi-year healing journey from computer overuse chronic pain injuries— in which I tried everything –  including chiropractic, acupuncture, pilates, yoga, massage and psychotherapy, and when amazingly, my worker’s compensation case manager insisted to my doctor that I try it!

I have applied Feldenkrais to teaching children with autism to ski and personally in training to become a PSIA level II certified ski instructor. I have published two research papers with researchers at at UCSF Osher Center for Integrative Medicine, applying Feldenkrais and mind/body principles, to explore how people with dementia can learn through (implicit) body memory.

I have been an activist in Asian American issues, a gymnast, once dreamed of being an actress, and I occasionally read intellectual novels and follow progressive politics. I am a PSIA Level II certified ski instructor. I have lived in both New York and Alaska for periods of time.