Emotional Ease

How the Mind-Body Connection Can Support Your Emotional Ease

  • Have you been in an accident or experienced abuse?
  • Are you recovering from grief, loss or betrayal?
  • Are you adjusting to major transitions in your life?
Release Discomfort

Release Discomfort

Then, perhaps, you have noticed that there is an amazing connection between your thoughts, feelings, and the tensions and sensations of discomfort in your body. You may be aware that you feel in your body emotions like anxiety, stress, grief, frustration or a feeling of depression, and not know how to shift out of them. Or you may at times have trouble being in emotional balance, or feel you are too easily effected by situations and events, and thus do not always act in ways that you want. Or you may have had experiences that still take a toll on not only your physical, but your emotional, well-being.

Transform Your Life

Transform Your Life

To address your life challenges, we access and transform the way you carry old thoughts, beliefs and attitudes in your body that limit you today. By transforming how you move, you transform ingrained body patterns and become more flexible physically, but also,in how you feel and think.

Within a session, we may do guided explorations, as you connect to what matters to you,  related to the way you carry stress physically and emotionally. You may gain new awarenesses of yourself.

If you work on the table, you will lie in various positions, fully-clothed, as I gently move and touch you in ways that allow you to feel reconnected and whole physically and emotionally. At the end, you sit and feel differences and in how you move, and also, in how you feel about yourself.

Feel Healthy

Feel Healthy

  • Relieve pain, improve mobility, and relax more easily
  • Sense and care for your needs
  • Feel joy and pleasure
  • Have more energy and vitality
  • Feel confident to move forwards in life

Sessions empower you to regain a core sense of balance in relation to anxiety, insecurity, stress, distraction, as you learn how what is like to have calm, comfort and a sense of being whole and natural, strong and supported, in your body.

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