More Neuroscientists Endorse Feldenkrais

More Neuroscientists Endorse Feldenkrais – a Long History

Dr Norman Doidge’s recent book The Brain’s Way of Healing, endorsing and describing how Feldenkrais uses neuroplasticity for pain relief, is the latest in a history of neuroplasticity researchers endorsing Feldenkrais. I thought I would share two other pioneers in the field of neuroplasticity who have highly recognized the Feldenkrais Method®…

1) “Father of neuroplasticity” Michael Merzenich.  Considered one of leading experts and seminal researchers of neuroplasticity in the world, Merzenich is a prolific researcher best publically-known as the founder of online brain learning program Posit Science. He has long endorsed the Feldenkrais Method as sharing principles congruent with his own views on neuroplasticity, and was the keynote at the 2012 Feldenkrais Guild Conference. Recently I again  heard him speak on his own recently published book on neuroplasticity and pain relief, where he strongly endorsed Feldenkrais® and one of my former teachers, Anat Baniel.

Merzenich, along with leading dynamic systems researchers, has recognized that Feldenkrais helps with functioning and pain, and has hypothesized how it can also benefit people with dementia, something I have researched.

Neuroplasticiy pioneer Paul Bach-y-Rita. Paul Bach-y-Rita is described as one of the early neuroplasticity pioneers along with Dr. Merzenzich in this history of the field of neuroplasticity. Dr Bach-y-Rita was able to use sensory nodes to stimulate someone be able to “see” using stimulation to their back. His wife, Eileen Bach-y-Rita is a Feldenkrais practitioner, whose studies influenced Paul Bach-y-Rita’s work who conducted research along with her husband.

These are just a few examples. As a mind-body practitioner, what I most appreciate about Feldenkrais is that is a way of working that is embodied, holistic and honoring of the whole person! I appreciate the profound support it offers to people like you, and the creativity and quality it can bring to your life! I encourage you to learn more and see my client testimonials.