The Brain’s Way of Healing by Norman Doidge- Featuring Feldenkrais Method!

New Book with Dr Norman Doidge, Featuring Feldenkrais for Pain Relief!

So you’ve seen some results, but you’re wondering, how exactly does learning to relieve pain really work? Now, if you’re interested to learn more about how Feldenkrais and neuroplasticity, I have a book to recommend!

So come check out a new book by Dr Norman Doidges, MD, neuroplasticity expert and New York Times best-selling author of The Brain that Changes Itself, who has now published The Brain’s Way of Healing: Discoveries and Recoveries from the Frontiers of Neuroplasticity.

Here, you will discover three chapters which feature the Feldenkrais Method® in-depth, amongst descriptions of example of cutting-edge therapies utilizing neuroplasticity principles applied in action for pain relief and for children with special needs.


Neuroplasticity came about as the opposite of an early idea that behavior was hard-wired or that neurological damage is fixed and unchangeable. The idea expanded what is possible for health by suggesting that brains not only determine behavior, but also, behavior effects our brains. Like “you are what you eat,” neuroplasticity says “how you do can shape how become.”

Many times, however, when we are caught in rigid patterns in our brain and behavior, or have suffered trauma or injury, or caught in cycles of pain, we require specialized ways to work with ourselves to improve our brain functioning beyond everday activitiy. This is because, while loss neuroplasticity is associated with the experience of symptoms of aging, aging itself is a form of neuroplastic change.

In these situations, neuroplasticity research has enhanced recognition of how to use and access our brain’s ability to change in positive ways, as a way to extend and expand your well-being.


As a Feldenkrais practitioner, I am well aware that Moshe Feldenkrais’ work is rooted his work in early principles of neuroscience, even before the field was developed, and many of his ideas have predicted neuroscience discoveries. In fact, Doidges’s book continues a tradition of neuroplasticity experts endorsing the Feldenkrais Method highly and publically.

With Feldenkrais, learning new ways of moving, sensing and feeling is key and the idea is forming new connections of movement not just in the body but the brain!

Sessions and classes in Feldenkrais use movement to impact sensation, and perception to reorganize new neurological patterns of movement and functioning, and bring about improved human performance. These principles have been part of my training, work and practice, and have been the foundation for me as a mind-body practitioner.


I highly recommend this book to learn about neuroplasticity and pain relief using the Feldenkrais Method®. Early reviews from leading Feldenkrais practitioners suggest it is one of the most depthful and accurate descriptions of Feldenkrais and neuroplasticity, especially towards physical and emotional development and pain relief.

The Brain’s Way of Healing by Norman Doidge brings additional recognition to the Feldenkrais Method, for how it can help you to use movement, change, and the brain-body connection to relieve pain and improve functioning.


To learn more about how to use the work however, and gain benefits, begins with direct experience. This is a a principle of neuroplasticity – that the brain is shaped by experience. I invite you to come for a session and see for yourself.