Pain Relief

How Feldenkrais Helps You Relieve Pain and Improve Your Posture and Mobility


After a year of serious back pain and many different alternative healers, Eveline has been the single most helpful person I’ve found. For me, Feldenkrais with Eveline has been like a miracle.

-Meghan Seifert, wilderness guide


One of the keys to pain relief with Feldenkrais that that when you are uncomfortable in your back, knees, arms, neck, or elsewhere, it is often related to your body not moving comfortably. This can be related to childhood development, previous or recent injuries or accidents, habits developed from repetitive work situations, as well as emotional stress.

Learn to move better

Learn to move better

Working together, you will discover a powerful process of change that will not only help you feel better, but also, learn to live more actively, handle shocks, and increase your overall sense of well-being. Using gentle touch and movement, sometimes with verbal guidance, sessions teach you how to move freely and easily, according to the way your body is designed to move, though safe, gentle touch that retrains your brain-body connection, according to principles of neuroplasticity. By functioning better, you become more flexible and resilient to the effects of stress, injury, or trauma.


Eveline made my back pain completely disappear after just two visits. The added bonus was that she resolved a chronic problem with my Achilles and hamstring. Her healing touch work is magical. I find it amazing that by simply moving my arms or legs and pressing in key places she has the ability to teach my body more efficient ways to move. Treatments are incredibly relaxing and have made it possible to take my first steps every morning without discomfort. I plan to continue to see her and learn exercises I can do on my own to preserve the benefits I’ve received in my first five visits.

“Amy D., Communications Consultant


Here are some conditions which the Feldenkrais Method(R) helps

  • Back, Neck and Knee Pain “ including unusual symptoms
  • Repetitive Strain Injuries
  • Moving from Stress and Anxiety, to Calm and Ease
  • Issues related to childhood development, like posture or flexibility challenges, or coordination.
  • Conditions related to physical trauma and emotional stress
  • Improving posture, agility, sports performance and mobility

With each visit, you will gain more

  • Ability to sit, stand, walk, or do other activities for extended periods
  • Feeling of lightness, freedom and ease related to your natural biomechanics
  • Clarity of mind, peace, and emotional well-being

You will gain the benefits of the Feldenkrais Method(R), which is recognized by neuroscientists for its remarkable results with chronic pain, neurological conditions, and psychological well-being, and has been endorsed by holistic MD Dr Andrew Weil and leading neurologist Michael Merzenzich. You will experience benefits at a level that is way more profound than ordinary bodywork or physical therapies.

Ready to get started?

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