“Three years after a car accident left me with recurring whiplash symptoms and lower back problems. I had been through two rounds of physical therapy, cranial-sacral therapy, accupuncture, massage therapy, chiropractic and even a specialist in traditional Western medicine, yet nothing worked for long stretches of time. My chiropractor told me she had always been humbled by Feldenkrais, so I decided to give it a try. At first I’d see improvement that wouldn’t last much longer than our session, but gradually, incredulously, that changed. I’ve been pain free for three months now, have become aware of some of my bad movement habits, and am slowly introducing exercise back into my life. I completely and highly recommend this method and, in particular, Eveline’s nurturing and calm expertise in it, to solve chronic pain. It’s not an exaggeration to say that my quality of life has changed dramatically.”

-Joanne F.
Moraga, California

Increase Your Flexibility

Increase Your Flexibility


“Eveline made my back pain completely disappear after just two visits. The added bonus was that she resolved a chronic problem with my Achilles and hamstring.  Her healing touch work is magical. I find it amazing that by simply moving my arms or legs and pressing in key places she has the ability to teach my body more efficient ways to move.  Treatments are incredibly relaxing and have made it possible to take my first steps every morning without discomfort.  I plan to continue to see her and learn exercises I can do on my own to preserve the benefits I’ve received in my first five visits.”

“ Amy D., Communications Consultant
Lafayette, CA

“I forgot my life was spinning very fast. I saw Eveline’s work from afar and wanted to work with her. My belly was tight with emotion. Now, I am much more in the center of my body orchestrating my movements from the inside rather than outside. The pain in my back has reduced. My back is stronger. I am more at ease and my life and still. I am more contained energetically.

I am calmer, more grounded, able to stand up for myself and take back my self-respect, more able to bear witness of others which is very important in my line of work, much more able to be present and in the moment.

Eveline has helped me come into my body, listen to my body and learn to be more in a way that is the most comfortable, or rather, the least effort and strain on any one part of my body.

My work with Eveline and Feldenkrais has been transformative for me, the most important type of bodywork that I have done. The bones have the oldest memories since birth and before. The work is developmentally healing.”

– L.A., Hospice Social Worker

“I was suffering from chronic and debilitating back and knee pain. Before, I was afraid to exercise at all. After working with Eveline, I was able to start walking and doing yoga daily and thereby getting back in shape. I started the work to relieve pain. [Sessions with Eveline] have helped me relax both physically and emotionally -in a way that I did not expect.”

– Damian M., graduate student

“I had excruciating back and hip pain. After trying all the regular methods and found little relief —  Physical Therapy, Chiropractic, Massage, Orthopedic Surgeon visits … I decided to try Feldenkrais when a friend told me how well it worked for her. I found Eveline through an internet search.

After only one session, my pain was reduced by 50%. It was unbelievable! I had been in pain for over a year. By working with Eveline over several sessions, the work changed my life. Eveline was the first and only professional to show me how I was sitting in a way that could produce pain in my back.  She showed me how to sit naturally. This alone has significantly reduced the recurrence of injury. The feldenkrais work itself took care of the rest. The process is gentle yet extremely effective.

I cannot say enough great things about her. She listens exceptionally well, and then attends to the body with a kind of intuition that is rarely found. She even took the time on her day off to schedule an emergency appointment when I could barely walk.

If you’re in pain, go see her immediately. If you’re in moderate pain, go see her. Go see Eveline. She is amazing.”

– Jennifer D., San Franciso, CA (5-star review on Yelp)

“I am new to Feldenkrais, but not new to being in pain and having limited movement. Before I met Eveline, I was at a point where I did not know if there was anything left to try treatment wise. To be honest I still don’t quite understand the whole concept BUT¦after each session with Eveline I have felt lighter, less tense and more relaxed in my shoulders/neck/back that I have not been able to relax in years. Eveline is a very caring, very gentle and skilled practitioner. She is a delight to work with.

If you are struggling with chronic pain, stress or just need something new to help get things moving in a positive direction, I highly encourage you to call Eveline and set up an appointment. I hope your experience is as good and rewarding as mine has been.”

– Cyril K., Oakland, CA (5-star review from yelp)

“I am a marathon runner. I came to see Eveline because I was not able to turn my neck after being rear ended. Eveline has helped with that. Also, I notice that my feet are different. I no long wear down the outside of my running shoes. In my upper body, I feel longer and in pilates I can do more than I could before. I also feel elongated in the area below my waist. Feldenkrais has helped me so much.”

– Teri G., retired teacher

“I am one of those people who has never felt comfortable in my own skin. I’ve always felt ill at ease, lacking in grace. I have been suffering from back, neck, shoulder, wrist and foot pain for a long time. After Feldenkrais, I am in less pain and I can feel my body is better, more aligned, more whole, in concert. I sit with much more ease. I stand correctly and I walk differently. Most important my awareness has increased. I really know when I am off and can make adjustments. My body is learning to be different. It is remembering!

Eveline is a gem! I like how determined and focused she is, how completely absorbed she is, how passionate she is about the work. I love her insights and her forthrightness and her commitment to my wellbeing.”

– D. Kent, Berkeley, CA

“When I first came to Eveline, I was surprised to realize how stiffly I held myself. I had tuned out bodily info between my head and my feet. So now I pay more attention. I feel freeer, like all my joints and muscles have been ‘oiled.’ I have more energy, and I feel ‘younger.'”

“You have to try it to believe it.”

– J.S., Retired


“I am new to the Feldenkrais work and I am now a firm advocate of the work and especially the work that Eveline performs. I have had about 5 sessions with Eveline, and I can say for sure that I would recommend her highly for her skill as a body worker, and a Feldenkrais Practitioner.

She is so in touch with my body and what it needs on any given day, and she immediately calms me down as soon as she begins working with me.  I walk away feeling better and calmer and also have a better sense of how I show up in the world.

Give yourself a treat and call up Eveline for a session.”

– Shekinah S., Alameda, CA (5-star review on Yelp)