Studying with Kathy Kain, advanced somatic experiencing traier

Back from Advanced Studies with Somatic Experiencing(R) Touch for Trauma Therapists Trainer Kathy Kain, 9 days this February

Hey Folks, just letting you know that during the month of February, I was away due to spending 9 days total in training – with advanced Somatic Experiencing(R) trainer Kathy Kain, who offers work related to touch for trauma healing and early developmental challenges, as well as an additional day studying with Somatic Experiencing(R) trainer Dave Berger on working with concussions. My schedule was more limited during that time, but please know, these studies were to support you! Also, I am now back.

For those of you curious what this is, these approaches work to support recovery from trauma held in the various body systems on a neurophysiological level. They are complementary to Feldenkrais, as they also work with neuroplasticity. They are based on Somatic Experiencing(R). Somatic Experiencing(R) is a naturalistic approach for healing trauma, developed by Peter Levine, author of “Waking the Tiger”, that influences or complements many of the mind-body therapies that I have studied including Sensorimotor Psychotherapy(R) and Psychophysical Therapy(R). Somatic Experiencing further emphasizes safety and deeper levels of emotional and physiological regulation (balance!) through presence and embodied skills. Kathy Kain’s work in Somatic Practice elaborates the understanding of various reflexes and touch skills.

One thing that I am excited about is how this work complements the many ways Feldenkrais uses movement to support physiological regulation. I was glad to hear Kathy say that Peter Levine also felt “movement” was the missing part of their work. These perspectives offer ways to enrich the understandings of movement and learning I bring you. I continue to revisit and grow in these areas, in the many years that I have been exposed to this work. I am always glad to spend time with advanced teachers, in support of you!